• School children in Kenya
  • Education Builds Nations!

    This year we have set our vision on helping to build a school for impoverished children in Yogo, Kenya.

Ongoing Activities

Touch of God’s Love

This outreach program is directed specifically towards those dealing with cancer. Baskets of essentials are wrapped in love and prayer and are delivered to patient’s homes with no other desire than to let them know they are being thought of and prayed for. It is an opportunity to share some of God’s unconditional love with others, some of whom we may never meet again. There are no requirements in receiving these baskets, no specific denomination or religion, age or income, no strings attached! God’s love freely given requiring nothing in return.

Ladies Interdenominational Breakfasts

This is a monthly event that takes place in a local church hall. Here a group of volunteer ladies prepare a banquet of food for breakfast, in a beautifully decorated environment where a guest speak is invited to share her testimony of what God has done in her life. As these guests share honestly of their struggles, disappointments and hurts the thread of God’s timely hand in their lives is also shared. Lladies who have attended and heard these testimonies begin to realize , that they too are not alone and even in their own struggles there is One who is there to comfort them, or at the very least perhaps someone at their own table may be the person they may be able to talk and receive encouragement. This gathering has truly provided opportunities for many women to be helped by each other’s stories and their availability to talk. The ministry has existed for twenty one years (having started in the home of Pastor Vinita Baker in 1989) and continues to meet a need to reach out to others so that God’s love is seen, heard and made available to them.

Ladies' Breakfast:
Held on the 1st Saturday of every month 9:00 a.m. at Russell United Church, Mill St. Russell, Ontario
For further information, please contact Pastor Vinita Baker at (613) 445-3233

Prayer/ Counseling Ministry

This is a one on one ministry available for prayer, healing of inner past hurts, mentoring, teaching others about God’s love for them and His desire to bring wholeness to them. This ministry is available to anyone who feels they may benefit from talking to someone so that they do not feel alone or abandoned or without hope. These times of getting together, usually in the office of Ambassador Ministries in Covenant, but also in private homes, provide opportunities for those that come, some professionals like nurses, teachers, construction workers, veterinarians, lawyers, government workers, pastors, farmers, auditors, and others like teens and children and stay at home moms, to be able to express what is on their hearts and minds which prevents them from dealing with life at its optimal. Individuals come, share and are listened to, it is a place to be able to express hurts and disappointments and together we bring these to God in prayer. This is also an opportunity to teach what the bible says about certain issues, provide spiritual direction and comfort and also time to nurture a faith in and a relationship with God.

last modified March 31, 2019